About Us

Titanic Publishing is a professional publisher located in the United States. We are dedicated to publishing the finest adult literature in the market today. We currently focus on novelettes.

Most erotica today is overwhelmingly bad, and it has been for decades. For writers who aspire to rise above the status quo, professional publishing is the greatest mark of success. Many, if not most, independent publishers of erotica have low standards. Many don’t even have a professional editor, and some know they don’t write well! They flood the market with poor-quality books, hoping to trick consumers into buying a worthless product. This kind of theft is why many consumers have little to no faith in erotic writers, and why most erotic authors fail to attain any significant following.

Titanic Publishing is the answer to those concerns. Attaining professional publication demonstrates to readers that your work has been compared to hundreds of other titles, and has risen to the top. Professionally published writers assure quality standards are met, and readers are buying a good product.

We award publishing contracts with the intention of fostering long term relationships with stellar writers. Full publishing offers greater financial rewards, with less effort, and more exposure. Our marketing team works for our writers, allowing them to do what they do best, write!

Please send unsolicited manuscripts (<20,000 words) using the submission page. Selected titles will receive a publishing offer that’s too good to resist!

(Update: Please only send manuscripts during designated submission times.)