Ella’s Awakening by Angell Lynn Salver

Book One in the “Ella” series, exclusively published by Titanic Publishing, and Winner of the Titanic Publishing Book Award. (Novelette 13,000+ words)

Ella lives on the island of Al Amara, and she has ever since she can remember. Her grandmother, a controlling prostitute named Betty, has raised Ella all alone on the island. Ella has never met another living soul. The only time she’s not with Betty is when Betty leaves to get supplies.

Betty has secured supplies for the island by prostituting for decades. The absolute control she has over Ella is broken when Betty suffers a heart attack after the hottest sexual encounter of her life. She is rushed to the hospital, leaving Ella alone on the island for the first time. Ella is forced to make her own decisions. She feels lost, frightened, and becomes confused when she experiences a sexual awakening in Betty’s absence.

When an aging priest comes to the island looking for Ella, he finds a gorgeous blond who is 18 and completely obedient to his dominating presence. Fighting his passions, Father Sergio tries to make it through one night in a cottage with Ella, an innocent woman who knows nothing about the rules of society, hates to wear clothes, and has a fierce curiosity about first man she has seen in her lifetime.

“I’m working on the second book already! Be sure to signup so Titanic Publishing can notify you when it is available.”

Angell Lynn Salver

Winner of the Titanic Publishing Book Award

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