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Remember, all submissions must be between 10,000 and 20,000 words. Titanic Publishing currently accepts short fiction only.

How to Avoid Having Your Manuscript Discarded:

1. Books that are rewritten using spinning software are easy to spot. If the flow of the language is not natural, the book is discarded and we assume the author cannot write well, so we discard all future works by the author without reading.

2. Your manuscript should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The characters should be developed enough for readers to begin to like them. Every sentence should have a purpose, either to propel the story forward, or to develop an important element.

3. All stories we publish should be densely written, without fluff. If it looks (at all) like your word counts are padded, we won’t print it.

4. Don’t rely on crude language in an erotic scene to win you a contract. All books should have a good plot, with thoughtful writing that engages the reader. If you are a writer who relies on the sex scenes to do all the work, you probably are not writing at the level we expect.

5. If your book is full of writing errors, we will probably discard it. Of course, we provide professional editing, and we will correct occasional mistakes, but more than a few errors in the opening pages will result in your book being discarded.